[FREE TRAINING] The 7 New Year’s Resolution MISTAKES Entrepreneurs Must AVOID in 2018

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Happy New Year!

I hope you celebrated and had lots of fun last night bringing in the New Year! I was in bed by 10.30pm (a little late for me) so I could wake up and get an early morning sea swim to start off 2018 at my best. Whatever state you’re waking up in this year, I know you’re soon going to want to jump straight back into work to get ahead.

Just before you do head full throttle into your usual work schedule watch this video training.You don’t need me to tell you that most people don’t fulfill their New Years Resolutions. There are many reasons for people failing but I tend to find it comes down to these five mistakes:

1. They’re not really committed to their goal.
Let’s be honest, most people say things without really being committed to making it happen. ‘I want to be a millionaire!’ is the tune of the masses who are not willing to commit to developing themselves and create the value needed to become a millionaire. You are the type of person who IS committed to achieving your goals so make sure you bring that commitment to your resolutions.

2. They picked the wrong resolution. ‘This year, I’m going to get healthy!’. What the f*** does that mean? How are you going to objectively measure, get healthy? How will you know if you’re healthier or not? Most resolutions lack SPECIFICITY so they never get acted upon. Make sure you are specific on the EXACT outcome you want..

3. They have no strategy on achieving their resolution. ‘I want to run a marathon!’ Try running a marathon with no training strategy or plan. YOU WILL FAIL…and potentially hurt yourself. If your committed to your resolution, it deserves a strategy.

3. They didn’t schedule a plan of action. Once you have a strategy be sure to SCHEDULE it because you’re so busy you’re likely to get caught up in work stuff and let the resolution pass by. Know yourself, you’re a workaholic so you must schedule these things like you would an important business meeting.

5. They took on too many commitments. In this training video, I talk about the power of being ‘underwhelmed’. Another word for it would be ‘Essentialism’. As I’ve worked with more and more high performers, I find the most successful ones actually just focus on the few resolutions/goals that have the biggest leverage. Doing too much is a school boy error (and I’ve made that error far too many times in my career). Stay focused on the few.

6. They didn’t constantly remind themselves what they’re focusing on.  
Again, when you’re busy and you get dragged into ‘working in’ your business it’s easy to forget your high level goals. You must have reminders in your schedule and around your home and office to remind you what you’re focusing on.

7. They didn’t get support. Ah the lone wolf. As you’ve grown in business I know you realize that everything is easier with a team. Who eats more? The lone wolf, or the Alpha wolf in a pack of A player bad ass hunter wolves? Get support, get accountability.

Set aside twenty minutes today to watch this free training so you can get clear, get a plan and CRUSH your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions!


Your coach,

Mark Dhamma, MA
High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs

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