My Xmas Gift To You (The NOT TO DO List)

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What’s the best gift I could possibly give you this Christmas? Something that you would appreciate and help you in your business ventures?

At first, I thought of sending you 7 pairs of the same brand, organic, black socks so that when you wake up in the morning you could just grab any of them and they will all match, thus saving you time and mental energy!

Then I thought of a better gift for you….

It’s the ‘NOT TO DO LIST’ (download it for FREE here)

One of your strengths is that you have a ‘CAN DO’ attitude and that’s what’s needed in business. As you know, you must be optimistic, positive and WORK HARD to achieve your goals. The problem is, this ‘CAN DO’ attitude can sometimes get you in trouble… You can say ‘YES!’ to too many things thus splitting your attention, focus and energy across too many tasks, actions and responsibilities. This can lead to overwhelm, frustration and doing an average job in each area instead of excelling at one.

Isn’t that true?

So your 2017 Christmas gift from me is the ‘NOT TO DO LIST’

Download the ‘NOT TO DO LIST’ Here

Here’s how to use the ‘NOT TO DO LIST’…. 

Simply, print off the ‘NOT TO DO LIST’ and write down all the annoying tasks, the non-profitable projects, business arms, responsibilities, destructive habits, negative people and distractions that you are NOT going to do in 2018.

Remember, the 80/20 principle….20% of the things you do are likely to get you 80% of the results. Focus on the 20%.

Once you’ve completed your NOT TO DO LIST, immediately CANCEL as much as the stuff you’ve identified as quickly as possible! Then stick the ‘NOT TO DO LIST’ on your desk or in your office so you can be aware of the things your are no longer going to do in 2018.

That’s my gift to you this year. The ‘NOT TO DO LIST’ 🙂

So what can you get me for Xmas?

Well, you can hit reply and let me know at least 1 thing you’ve identified that you’re not going to do in 2018. It will warm my heart and help me get even more REM sleep to know that at least one more entrepreneur isn’t wasting their valuable time on some BS task or bad habit in 2018.

Happy Holidays To You And Your Family!

Your coach,

Mark Dhamma, MA
High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs


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