Is Money On Your Mind? It should be!

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Would you like to make more money? Well read on to learn this simple yet effective mindset hack to help you bring more wealth into your life… Before I share this money mindset hack with you, you need to know a couple of things….. The first is that one of the major influences on my life is legendary copywriter and business … Read More

How To Have An ‘Amazing Day’ As A Busy Entrepreneur

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How many day’s in the week are Amazing for you? My guess is close to zero! You’re probably so busy rushing from one thing to the next and have fairly average days….on average 😉 Here’s an exercise out of the positive psychology research that’s designed to give you more ‘Amazing Days’! Will this practice make you more money? Probably not. Will it … Read More

What Entrepreneurs Ought To Know About Sleep

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“Sleep is the best meditation.” The Dali Lama You, like most entrepreneurs I know, may wish you lived in a world where sleep wasn’t necessary. Many see sleep as an inconvenience that gets in the way of their productivity. In their ideal ‘dream world’, they would trade in sleep for an extra 8 hours of work. You may be so attached to … Read More

5 Things To Look For In A Business Partner

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Perhaps the fastest way you can boost your productivity and get more done in less time is by ‘partnering it out’. The common myth is that individuals start companies and it’s the solo entrepreneur who against all odds builds an incredible company. Because of this myth, many entrepreneurs believe that they must, do it on their own. This a dangerous narrative … Read More