Are You Like A RAT On A WHEEL?

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I was just in the gym speaking to one of the owners and I thought of you, the entrepreneur. Cody, the young gym owner is an entrepreneur who’s busting his ass to turn his, frankly fantastic, gym concept into a huge fitness chain. He’s smart, ambitious and persistent so I believe he has a fighting chance of achieving his goal. I thought of you because Cody asked me who my ideal client is…

I started to describe my ideal client to Cody:

“Male entrepreneur who’s in their mid 30’s making over $200k a year. They’re overweight and are starting to realize that their current lifestyle is going to lead to serious health problems in the near future. They’re stressed out, but they don’t know it. They want to get in better shape, get more done, and grow their business fast. They want to improve their health so they can put more energy into their business and experience even more success. They often feel overwhelmed and struggle to focus on one thing. They also struggle to sleep at night because they’re mind is constantly running and they’re interested in the biolatest hacks to improve their entrepreneurial performance.”

Sound like you? 

I know I can help this person transform their energy, focus and business results rapidly with huge effects because I’ve got a track record of doing just that with my clients.

While describing my ideal client to Cody I remembered that one of the gym members is actually my ideal client! 

“Hey Cody, one of our members is my ideal client. It’s Jason (not his real name).”

Jason, is a co-founder in a start up company who has raised over $20 million in investments. He used to be in great shape but now he’s overweight. He’s constantly stressed out and needs sleep meds to fall asleep at night.

“He doesn’t come in the gym that much. He could do to come in more.” Cody says.

“He won’t come in! He thinks he’s got too much work to do and he doesn’t have time to workout.” I knowingly reply.

“Really? He’s got it backwards?” Cody innocently exclaims.

With a sigh and a heavy heart, I responded…

“They’re like rats on a wheel Cody. Like RATS on a WHEEL….”​

Do you ever feel like?

The entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to workout, sleep, spend time with their friends, family and can’t shut off their brains while working 7 days a week are like rats on a wheel, constantly running until they drop dead from stress, frustration, burn out or worse.


And since you read my blog posts. I know that you strive to be a HIGH PERFORMER.

To quote fellow High Performance Coach Brendan Burchard, ‘High performance refers to succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term.’

In order to do that you must have a lifestyle that breeds joy, confidence, health and full engagement that comes from putting your wellbeing first.

Whether it’s scheduling time to meditate each day. Working out before your start your work day or switching to a paleo diet without industrial, processed foods, putting your health and wellbeing first will help you perform at higher levels for the LONG TERM!

Comment below and let me know what’s one tweak to your lifestyle that you could make this week that would put your well being first?

Your coach,

Mark Dhamma, MA
High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs

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