What to do when times get tough…

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It happens to us all sooner or later. It’s part of the journey. You’re supposed to get tested.

Things don’t always work out how we hoped.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be challenged, perhaps more than someone with a regular job. 

It’s the price you pay for the freedom and financial rewards.

Perhaps you’re under pressure financially. Or you have a lawsuit hanging over you. Maybe the relationship with your significant other is strained. Maybe your health is holding you back,

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, or in the future, remember this…..

Always go back to the FUNDAMENTALS.

1. Air: Breathe deeply and calmly.

2. Water: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

3. Eat: Just eat real food, ideally a paleo diet.

4. Sleep: Get to sleep before 10pm and get at least 8 hours

5. Outlook: Meditate and practice gratitude EVERYDAY

6. Movement: Exercise for at least 20 minutes each day

7. Entrepreneurial Skills: Schedule your day using The Daily Action Planner.

By sticking to those AWESOME fundamental steps, you will weather any storm.

Remember, your struggles in life are there for a purpose.

They teach you lessons and make you STRONGER!

You’re in my thoughts.

Your friend & coach,

Mark Dhamma, MA
High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs


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