Mark Dhamma will teach YOU the Buddha's SECRET Meditation Technique LIVE for FREE

FREE 30 Day LIVE Guided Meditation Challenge!

With Mark Dhamma, MA

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Experience What It's Like to Be Free of All Suffering... Kinda Like Neo In The Matrix!

Imagine a life without anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, depression, sadness or even anger.

During this 30 day meditation challenge, you will start to experience life being completely free of these types of suffering.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, constantly distracted with a nagging sense of frustration...

Your friends and family will compliment you on how relaxed and present you now are.

The people you work with will notice a new confidence and ease in you.

Your romantic partner will feel a deeper connection with you because you're more present and loving towards them.

You will also notice that your focus turns into a SUPER POWER causing you to be more productive than ever!

How are all of these things possible in just 30 days of meditation?

Well, we're going to be meditating for one hour a day together.

Sounds like a lot? 

Relax, I'm going to hold your hand & guide you, step by step LIVE through every single daily meditation session.

After a few days of 1 hour sessions, they'll start to feel like a breeze.

Be prepared, when you tell people that you do 1 hour a day of meditation they will be shocked!

This mean's you'll do 30 hours of meditation over the 30 days!

Just enough time to get to some Neo level awareness.

Another reason you'll be more present, focused, compassionate, productive and be free of negative states is because you'll be learning the LOST meditation technique the Buddha used to become 'Enlightened'.

Legend has it that Buddha taught this technique after his enlightenment. 

Then the teachings of this technique were lost for over 1000 years.

Until, they were uncovered again and shared publicly in the mid 1900s.

Traditionally, this meditation technique was taught only at 10 day silent Meditation retreats, which is where I learned back in 2013. 

However, COVID shut down a lot of these retreat centers so I decided to open up and share this technique to you because of the transformation I have got from it.

I will teach you this technique too and much more during this LIVE, FREE Meditation Challenge.

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Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

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