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3 Reasons Why Mindfulness SUCKS!

Have you ever stuck to a structured mindfulness practice?

For example, have you...

Meditated daily for at least 10 minutes?

Practiced focusing on your breath throughout the day?

Made an effort to feel uncomfortable as they arise without pushing them away?

If you have done any of these things for at least a week or so, you will have probably noticed that MINDFULNESS SUCKS!

Here's 3 Reasons Why Mindfulness Sucks!

1. It's HARD!

It's hard to sit still for 10 minutes or more focusing on your breath!

Don't believe me? Try it!

You're so used to being stimulated by iPhones, TV and other forms of entertainment that your mind constantly jumps from one thing to the next!

Focus you say?

Focus is for your camera app, not your mind!

What do you need focus for anyway?

How has FOCUS helped anyone succeed in life?

Who needs FOCUS when you can multitask and do a lot of jobs at the same time poorly?

Screw mindfulness it's too difficult!

2. You Become Aware of Your Thoughts....DAMMIT!

When you start a mindfulness practice you soon become aware that your thoughts are like a dumb dog on HEAT!

They're bouncing all over the place from one thing to the next trying to f*** every problem it can think of....and it can think of A LOT of problems!

Soon you become aware that your own mind is kind of crazy!

You will see limiting beliefs that have held you back in life so clearly!

You choose to ignore your mind sometimes and stop obeying it's knee jerk reactions and insane demands from you.

You become aware of the negativity it spouts and its unreasonable assumptions about others and life.

All of this, AWARENESS from mindfulness means that your life stops running on automatic pilot and you have more choice in what you want to do, not what your mind has been conditioned to do.

This sucks because it's less effort to be a slave to your own mind and do what it wants you to do rather than becoming awake and taking control of your life. Red pill anyone?

3. You start to FEEL your emotions ...YUCK!

Life is so much easier when you suppress your emotions, don't you think?

When you avoid how you feel you play out the same destructive patterns and scenarios in your life over and over again.

You may even become addicted to work, substances, working out, porn or anything to unconsciously distract yourself from how you truly feel.

Much better to continue these patterns of self sabotage than to actually feel your emotions thus releasing them giving you more psychic energy to take full control of your life.

Feelings are uncomfortable.

Mindfulness is uncomfortable.

Nobody likes discomfort! That's why MINDFULNESS SUCKS!

With all that said, if you are foolish enough to want to start a mindfulness practice so you can improve your focus, discipline and finally get the life you really want, join me for a FREE, LIVE, 30 Day Meditation Challenge.

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